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Is Pharmacy Assistant A Good Career

hospital pharmacy is quite saurated tbh and GP surgery work (as in clinica lstuff not dispensary) requires 5 years post-registration experience as a pharmacist. Saying that however, it seems there is actually shortage of band 6-7 positions across the country (which considering you dont have to work awkward hours most of the time is fairly decent). Is Pharmacy Technician a good career choice? While individual choices and preferences may be very important in answering this question, the answer for the most part is YES based on the data and my A pharmacy technician is a health care professional who works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to execute pharmacy related duties in different settings. Feb 15, 2016. #5.

RxStudentatUB said: Yes, it is a great choice if you plan on spending a major chunk of the "100k annual salary" on debt repayment, if you are lucky enough to be given that opportunity.

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